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Mô Tả Công Việc

Tóm tắt/ Summary: The role of Finance Director works closer with the Head of Hospitality in managing and reviewing the financial and asset performance of each hospitality asset, in pre-opening and operational status.
• Review monthly trading performance, analyzing P&L and Balance Sheet performance, make recommendations and ensure implementation of recommendations.
• Working across multiple properties, the person benchmarks performance to identify opportunities for improvement, whilst ensuring asset risks are mitigated.
• Liaise with pre-opening properties to support with the creation of budgets (includes expenses, manning, ceremony costs and HOE), review spends, supports obtaining necessary licenses and insurance, and ensure closure of the pre-opening books.
• Remain aware of local laws, rules and regulations.
• Lead the work regarding fixed asset register procedure implementation.
• Review internal controls at each property and where appropriate spot check the control checklist that is in place.
• Manage the annual budget and Capex process.
• Review Hotel Management Agreement and individual Villa / Room contracts, ensure BIM Group commitments are known and professionally acted upon with the objective to drive owner return.
• Review internal and external property audits, make comment / recommendations.
• Determine where training and skill requirements are needed to improve financial and operational efficiency at property level.
• Ensure delegation of authorities is properly followed.
• Ensure approved and acceptable accounting practices are in place and followed. Ensure banking procedures are established and operated correctly.
• Review and ensure the avoidance of unnecessary stock level held at each property. Check that accounts are being reconciled on a monthly basis, spot check reconciliations.
• Ensure financial records are maintained and stored to local regulations requirements.
Bao gồm nhưng không hạn chế ở các công việc sau/ Including but not limited to the following:
1. A strong understanding of the way BIM Group conducts business and is an advocate of the company’s culture.
2. Capable to liaise effectively and efficiently with multiple internal and external stakeholders.
3. Able to research and execute strategic project work to a high standard.

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Sau đây là những kiến thức, kỹ năng và thái độ cần thiết để thực hiện công việc một cách hiệu quả/ Below are the skills, qualities and attributes one will need to demonstrate in order to carry out the job effectively:
Quản lý con người/ People Management
• Support and train others to deliver work to a high standard.
• Be able to link-up other departments to the Hospitality Division that establishes a culture of friendliness, openness and efficiency.
• Be able to promote teamwork within and across the business.
• Install a culture of professionalism through each touch point of the business.
Gây ảnh hưởng/ Influence
• Has the ability to show strong self-awareness and self-regulation whilst executing the job to a high standard.
• Capable of working with others to meet project deadlines.
Giao tiếp/ Commmunication
• Effective in delivering and supporting the Hospitality Divisions’ message in a professional manner, across all levels of the company.
Ra quyết định/ Decision making
• Is comfortable advancing work where decisions are required and takes responsibility for these decisions.
Am hiểu về hoạt động kinh doanh/ Commercial Awareness
• At all times the person is to make decisions that positively impact the company’s business, related to its people and owner, financially and/ or sustainably.
Kiềm chế/ Resilience
• Showing good character and perseverance in the face of difficult times is a trait required and expected.
Phát triển các mối quan hệ/ Relationships Developing
• Displays a strong ability to harvest relationships across a range of stakeholder groups.
Lập kế hoạch/ Planning
• Remains an effective planning of time, materials and people to ensure deadlines are known and achieved.
Phân tích thông tin/Analyzing Information
• Capable to extract the real and right meaning from people, reports and on-site field information that supports clear commercial and project decision making.
Học vấn/ Education:
• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or related field. CPA preferred
Tiếng Anh/ English:
• Fluent in English, (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
Tin học văn phòng/ Computer literate:
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, PMS and Accounting systems
Kinh nghiệm liên quan tới vị trí/ Experience:
• 4-8 year experience in hotel accounting or audit with at least one year in an Assistant Controller or similar supervisory role, or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.
Các kiến thức, kỹ năng bổ sung khác/ Others:
• Excellent communication skills, task and project manager driven.

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